Friends' Silent Auction of Hand-Decorated Chairs

Welcome to the Friends of the Library Silent Chair Auction 2015!

This year’s auction features 8 chairs that have been transformed into beautiful pieces of artwork.

These one-of-a-kind chairs we be on display at the London Public Library starting Friday, May 15 and will remain available for bidding until Saturday, May 30 at 5:00 pm.  If you would like to place a bid, please visit the library and fill out the Bid sheet located with the chair. 
The Friends and the Library would like to "Thank" the artists for dedicating their time, craft and service in this fund raising venture. 

Artists Include:

  • Tom Wendt
  • Debbie Cochran
  • Nancy and Ned DeCamp
  • Liz Alder, Chelsea Gorman, Ruth Kennedy and the students at First Presbyterian Church
  • Susan Miller
  • Michelle Goodyear
  • Linda Hourat Bradley
  • Ron Roach
  • Eileen Arikawa
Support that Makes a Difference:
All the proceeds go directly to the Friends group to help support library initiatives and programming which recently includes purchasing books for the summer reading program that will be given away as prizes.
Below is a list of current chairs up for auction:






Artist: Tom Wendt

Item # 100






“ You Are My


Artist: Debbie Cochran

Item # 200






“Splash of Color”

Artists: Nancy & Ned DeCamp

Item # 300






“Helping Hands”

Artists: Liz Alder, Chelsea Gorman, Ruth Kennedy & students at the Presbyterian Church

Item # 400







“Summer Time”

Artist: Susan Miller

Item # 500






“French Boutique”

Artist: Michelle Goodyear

Item # 600






“Take Time to Read”

Artist: Linda Hourat Bradley

Item # 700







“ Woven”

Artist: Ron Roach

Item # 800




"Be the Good in the World"

Artist: Eileen Arikawa

Download the Brochure and Flyer below!