Read Away My Fines

During the month of April you may read away fines associated with overdue items on your London Public Library account (excludes direct fees for lost or damaged items).

To participate, simply register at the library and begin logging your reading throughout the month.  You must read at the library to have your minutes count.  You will earn $10 for every hour you read.   To receive credit for your reading, simply turn in your log at the end of the month or when you hit the total number of hours allowed, which is 10.

Program Rules:

  • You must register for the program.  Adults register at the Main Service Desk and youth 17 years and younger register at the Children's Desk.
  • You must bring your log sheet every time you visit the library to read and have a staff member log you in and out.  It is your responsibility to secure your log.  In the event that it is lost, you will have to start over.
  • You must be actively reading the whole time you are logged in; however, a quick visit to the restroom is permitted.  
  • Parents may read to children that cannot read to themselves.  (The Children's room is the preferred location for this activity).
  • Reading from computers or smart phones are not permitted.  However, you may use an e-reader device, as long as, you are reading a book.
  • You may bring a book with you or you may use one of the library's books, magazines or newspapers to read.

If you have further questions, please see a staff member.  Happy reading!